what if lawn mowers are so loud because they have to cover the screams of the grass being massacred.

wow what version of windows do u have this is 2014

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  • 2013 FOB: We are on the ultimate quest tO KILL A SHIT TON OF PEOPLE AND SAVE ROCK AND ROLL
  • 2014 FOB: We are on the ultimate quest tO GET OUR CHILDREN SOME WARM MILK BEFORE THEY GO FOR BEDDY-BYES TO THE KITCHEN WE GO *angry violin music starts playing*


who wants to make out with me for like 4 hours

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Ok so when i went to this church retreat thing this guy was telling us a story about his friend who was sitting on a plane next to Eminem the rapper but she had no clue that it was him ok. So he like looked at her and was like ” you arent going to ask for an autograph or anything??” and she was like “what?” He was all like “im eminem!” and literally she had the most confused look her face bc she had no idea  who he was and her response was, “and I’m skittles?”

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